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Mobile apps are showing huge growth. The number of mobile app downloads is going to reach 258.2 billion in 2022.

The reason behind this is that mobile apps are user-friendly, easy to navigate, efficient in terms of completing the goals of using the app.

Each of these features is related to user experience design & we have a team of expert UX designers who can help you design a mobile app that can help you to acquire, retain & delight your users.

Mobile App Design

How it can help your business?

The success of a mobile app is dependent on two things i.e. UX design & marketing. Technology is just a medium to deliver your mobile app to your users. UX design in mobile app can help you in the following ways:-

Mobile App Design Services

There are so many categories of the mobile app but we don't do all. We offer mobile app design services only in the following categories as these categories are dominating the Google playstore.

01Shopping Apps

If you are into eCommerce, a shopping app for mobile can increase your revenue by 2 times, 3 times or even more.

The reason behind this is that mobile commerce makes shopping easier & faster for your customers. If they enjoy using your app they will buy from you.

Also, push notifications, user data collected via app makes marketing more effective leading to more sales. Hence, better ROI.

we can help you to design user-friendly, conversion-oriented shopping apps.

Brand Messaging
News & Magazine App

02News & Magzine Apps

If you are a news or magazine company & don’t have a mobile app to deliver news to your audience, this is the time.

With a mobile app, you can send the news notifications based on the user’s interest & their app using history.

This way you get more maximum open rates leading to an increase in the app traffic. Hence, more advertisement views & more revenue.

Our team of expert designers can help you design an user-friendly news delivery app with monetization.

03Travel & Local Apps

The travel industry is booming. The number of people traveling locally, nationally & internationally is increasing every day.

Initially, there was Makemytrip & Goibibo but now there are more than 50 good apps just for traveling.

As users are always looking for cheap & best plans, the industry is always open to new businesses.

We can help you to design the right traveling app for your business & help you get an edge over your competitors with our exceptional user experience design.

Travel App
Lifestyle App

04Lifestyle Apps

All of a sudden lifestyle apps have taken a rise in the Google play store. Renting companies like Rentmojo & Nestaway have already proven the worth of their mobile app.

A lifestyle business can be related to renting house items, buying interiors or any other business-related to the daily needs of the customer.

If you are into a business that is somewhere related to lifestyle, we can help you to brainstorm on how to monetize it using a mobile app.

05Medical Apps

No one wants to visit a medical store or a doctor for a prescription for common diseases. 

Apps like Pharmeasy, NetMeds & 1MG are dominating the complete online pharmacy industry. However, the demand is more than the supply.

This opens the gate for a medical app for your pharmacy business.  We can help you design a user-friendly medical app for your business.

Medical App

What's Included?

Other than the development of your mobile, everything is included in our mobile app design services. This includes a research-based design to feedback based iterations.

The process that makes a difference

This is our USP. Our process is something that differentiates us from our competitors.

Discovery Session
Stage One
Discovery Session
This session is focused on discussing your goals for the mobile app & the business model of your mobile app. We also discuss your target audience or customers, competitors, USPs, business goals, benefits, etc.
Stage One
User Research
Stage Two
User Research
Based on your inputs we begin the user research process. This includes building user personas, doing customer interviews, taking surveys to understand user behaviors, needs, and attitudes.
Stage Two
IA & Wireframe
Stage Three
Information Architecture (IA) & Wireframe
Now, it's time to build the skeleton of your mobile app. IA is similar to a sitemap. In the mobile app, IA defines different screens & how they are connected to each other. Later, we do the wireframe of the app that means design the layout with images, buttons & content boxes.
Stage Three
Interactive Prototype
Stage Four
Interactive Prototype
After your approval on the wireframe, we start designing the prototype for your app. We use your brand guidelines to design the visual content of the app. Finally, we make the prototype interactive with all the effects & actions.
Stage Four
Usability Test
Stage Five
Usability Testing
Once the prototype is ready, we send it to your team for your approval & feedback for improvement. We also to several usability tests such as 5-second test, first click test, etc. We also do design surveys.
Stage Five
Iterations & Revisions
Stage Six
Iterations & Revisions
Lastly, we do the final revisions & make the required iterations based on the data we collect using the usability test & your team's input.
Stage Six

Benefits of working with us

We follow few principles that we believe are the key aspects of being a successful design & marketing agency.

In House

Value for

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So far we have helped most of our clients to get the desired results.

Pramod Avaghan
Pramod Avaghan
Owner, Fabric Tailor

Their work was worth every penny. The design & development team of Wilson Wings met our expectations quite nicely.

Yousif Gomma
Yousif Gomma
Program Manager, The Research Gate

I would like to thank Sayeed and his team for the Wonderful job created for our website. Very professional and I recommend everyone looking to build a website.

Dr. Pampapathi
Dr. Pampapathi
Founder, Pampapathi Vet Clinic

My entire team was amazed by seeing the prototype designed by these guys for our website. Looking forward to the development work.

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Our Previous Work

Most of our clients have hired us for multiple services. Check them out below.

The Research Gate, Florida, USA
Logo Design, Web Design & Development

The Research Gate is a startup that organizes conferences in different parts of the world.

Their idea was to have an online portal where the users can explore different conferences and register themselves through a payment gateway.

As the business was completely new, we were hired for logo design, UI/UX design, web design & web development services.

TRG Logo One
Pampapathi Vet Clinic, Bangalore, India
Web Design and Development

Pampapathi Vet Clinic is a multi-speciality pet hospital located in J.P nagar, Bangalore. It offers all types of surgery & diagnostics services for pets.

The project was a redesign of their existing website (that was quite old). As Dr. Pampapathi, veterinary doctor from Australia, wanted the user friendly web design that follows the latest trends and technology.

We were hired to provide web design & development for this project.

Pampapathi Logo
Fabric Tailor, Bangalore, India
Branding, Web Design & Development

Fabric Tailor is a startup company focused on offering customized uniforms to industries like hospitals, hotels, schools, etc.

They came to us with an idea, where industrialists can easily put up a bulk order request online without much effort. They required an eCommerce platform also to sell some of their readymade products.

We were hired to branding & digital services. This includes logo design, brand collateral design, web design & development.

Fabric Tailor Logo One


The costing varies the type of mobile app you want us to design, deliverables you need & the timeframe for the project.

We can only give you an estimate once we discuss the project.

You can call us on +91 74064656060 or mail us at [email protected]

User experience design in one line is designing for your users based on research.

According to a report, you get 100$ in return for every 1$ you spend in user experience design.  That’s a 9900% ROI.

All the successful apps rely on user experience or it will be a flop.

A brand guideline is a must to design a mobile app. We do not take up mobile app design without a brand guideline.

If you don’t have a brand guideline, we can help you design one. To learn more about our brand guideline services, follow the link below:

Brand Guideline Design Services

The timeframe depends on the app requirements. If it is something that already exists in the market then it might take less time. 

However, if it’s a new idea then it might take a little longer.

Usually, it takes somewhere between 1 month to 3 months.

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We have a team of enthusiastic designers & marketers who are hungry to learn & passionate to solve the problem as a team.

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