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Landing Page

A page that has the sole purpose of converting the website visitor into a lead is known as a landing page. These pages are a crucial part of your advertising campaigns.

A good landing page must have matching content to the Ad copy, a call to action, less loading time, social proofs, a lead form, no navigation, specific information, etc.

We have a team of marketers & designers who sit together to craft you an ROI driven landing page. 

Landing Page Design

How it can help your business?

From saving money on your Ad spend to generating more leads, a dedicated landing page can help you in several ways. Below are the best five.

Landing Page Design Services

There are several different types of landing pages. However, they are broadly categorized into two types as mentioned below.

01Lead Capture Page

If you are running advertising campaigns to collect leads then a lead capture can make your job easy.

A lead capture page has a form to collect important information about your website visitor such as email, phone number, etc. These kinds of pages are mostly used by B2b companies or other service-based companies.

We can help you to create conversion-oriented landing pages using our research & analysis process & conversion rate optimization techniques.

Lead Capture Page Design
Click Through Page

02Click Through Page

A click-through page is used by eCommerce or SaaS business. Unlike the lead capture page, these pages just have a single button instead of a form.

It helps to warm up visitors with sufficient details about the product and services offered before they make a final purchasing or subscribing call.

These pages can be designed based on the queries made by users such as product comparison, main features & benefits, etc.

What's Included?

We do not leave you with just a page, we design it, develop it & optimize it based on the data you collect through your Ad campaigns.

The process that makes a difference

This is our USP. Our process is something that differentiates us from our competitors.

Research & Analysis
Stage One
Research & Analysis
The first stage is to research & analyze your market, audience & competitors. We collect heavy data regarding your audience needs & competitor's landing page. We also take several inputs from you on your business model & sales process.
Stage One
Stage Two
Wireframing & Prototyping
Once we have collected enough information, we start to wireframe the landing page. This is followed by a prototype design which will be replicated by our developers.
Stage Two
Stage Three
After the approval of the prototype, the development process begins. We develop the backend for editing & updating the landing page without getting into the codes. later, we do the frontend development.
Stage Three
Speed Optimization & Tool Integration
Stage Four
Speed Optimization & Tools Integration
Once the development is completed, we do the most important thing i.e. speed optimization. We also integrate all the required third party tools for data tracking.
Stage Four
Iterations based on data
Stage Four
Iteration based on data
We do the final iterations based on the data you collect by running ad campaigns. Afterall, a landing page design is successful only when it bring you conversions aka ROI.
Stage Four

Benefits of working with us

We follow few principles that we believe are the key aspects of being a successful design & marketing agency.

In House

Value for

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So far we have helped most of our clients to get the desired results.

Pramod Avaghan
Pramod Avaghan
Owner, Fabric Tailor

Their work was worth every penny. The design & development team of Wilson Wings met our expectations quite nicely.

Yousif Gomma
Yousif Gomma
Program Manager, The Research Gate

I would like to thank Sayeed and his team for the Wonderful job created for our website. Very professional and I recommend everyone looking to build a website.

Dr. Pampapathi
Dr. Pampapathi
Founder, Pampapathi Vet Clinic

My entire team was amazed by seeing the prototype designed by these guys for our website. Looking forward to the development work.

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Our Previous Work

Most of our clients have hired us for multiple services. Check them out below.

The Research Gate, Florida, USA
Logo Design, Web Design & Development

The Research Gate is a startup that organizes conferences in different parts of the world.

Their idea was to have an online portal where the users can explore different conferences and register themselves through a payment gateway.

As the business was completely new, we were hired for logo design, UI/UX design, web design & web development services.

TRG Logo One
Pampapathi Vet Clinic, Bangalore, India
Web Design and Development

Pampapathi Vet Clinic is a multi-speciality pet hospital located in J.P nagar, Bangalore. It offers all types of surgery & diagnostics services for pets.

The project was a redesign of their existing website (that was quite old). As Dr. Pampapathi, veterinary doctor from Australia, wanted the user friendly web design that follows the latest trends and technology.

We were hired to provide web design & development for this project.

Pampapathi Logo
Fabric Tailor, Bangalore, India
Branding, Web Design & Development

Fabric Tailor is a startup company focused on offering customized uniforms to industries like hospitals, hotels, schools, etc.

They came to us with an idea, where industrialists can easily put up a bulk order request online without much effort. They required an eCommerce platform also to sell some of their readymade products.

We were hired to branding & digital services. This includes logo design, brand collateral design, web design & development.

Fabric Tailor Logo One


The costing varies the type of landing page design services you need for your business.

We can only give you an estimate once we discuss about the project.

You can call us on +91 74064656060 or mail us at [email protected]

As the lead generation is not totally dependent on the landing page but also the campaign you have set up for generating leads, so we do not guarantee leads.

Yes, we do. We build a complete marketing strategy that can cover all of these services.

To learn more about our digital marketing services follow the link below:

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If you need a single landing with all the above mentioned features, it might take approximately 15 days.

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We have a team of enthusiastic designers & marketers who are hungry to learn & passionate to solve the problem as a team.

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