Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing

Marketing has evolved in the past decade. Your end consumer presence is more web & social media (on an average 6 hours/day) than any other traditional marketing channels.

At Wilson Wings, we dig deeper to learn about your business goals & create a custom marketing strategy based on your inputs & our research. This strategy is used to achieve your goals & deliver ROI. 

Digital Marketing

How it can help your business?

The opportunity is out there waiting for you to take your business to heights. If you don' do it, your competitors will do it. Below are a few benefits of digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing is a vast field. There are a lot of small & big digital marketing services that can help you to grow your brand. We offer the following four services.

01Landing Page Design

No matter the amount of traffic you are driving to your website if they aren’t converting.

At Wilson Wings, we use conversion rate optimization (CRO) techniques such as website’s usability, design, content, target audience & digital psychology to optimize it for a better conversion rate.

We design lead capture & sale pages which brings results.

Landing Page Design
Social Media Advertising

02Social Media Advertising

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and now TikTok have proven their worth in driving sales & bringing leads for your business.

If you are planning to generate instant leads, create brand awareness or genarate trust factor then these platforms are the best way to reach your target audience effectively & at a lower cost.

03Search Engine Advertising

Ads dominate every search result on Google, Bing & Amazon. Our experience says that this is the place where you will get high-value consumers & business buyers.

Our expert marketers help you to strategize a custom pay-per-click (PPC) advertising blueprint which helps your business to reach & convert these high-value consumers and business buyers. 

Search Engine Advertising
Email Marketing

04Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most successful form of digital marketing. The reason behind this is that your audience already knows about your brand.

If you have an email list of your audience, email marketing can be your ultimate weapon to capture leads & make more sales. Even if you don’t have a list, you can build a cold list based on the type of your target audience.

We can help you build a cold email list as well as set up your drip campaigns with live reporting.

What's Included?

We do the research, we do the setup, we analyze, we optimize, we manage & we take care of almost everything to deliver you a successful search engine advertising campaign.

The process that makes a difference

This is our USP. Our process is something that differentiates us from our competitors.

Marketing Audit
Stage One

Marketing Audit

We audit your website, your social media profiles & your brand reputation on different digital platforms in order to gain more insights about your business. This gives us a clear idea on your branding & digital presence.
Stage One
Research & Analysis
Stage Two

Research & Analysis

After the audit, we take your input on your marketing goals & start our market research. we research your target audience, analyze your competitors & explore your industry on what works & what doesn't.
Stage Two
Marketing Strategy
Stage Three

Marketing Strategy

Based on our research & analysis, we draft a complete marketing strategy blueprint. This includes the different marketing tactics (campaigns) & digital channels to be used with the monthly budget & measurable key performance indicators (KPI's).
Stage Three
Stage Four


Finally, we start with setting up your marketing campaigns, promotional graphics & content. We also integrate several tools in order to gain more insights about visitors & customers which helps us to further optimize the campaigns.
Stage Four

Benefits of working with us

We follow few principles that we believe are the key aspects of being a successful design & marketing agency.

In House

Value for

Everything at One Place


On Time



No Fake


So far we have helped most of our clients to get the desired results.

Pramod Avaghan
Pramod Avaghan
Owner, Fabric Tailor

Their work was worth every penny. The design & development team of Wilson Wings met our expectations quite nicely.

Yousif Gomma
Yousif Gomma
Program Manager, The Research Gate

I would like to thank Sayeed and his team for the Wonderful job created for our website. Very professional and I recommend everyone looking to build a website.

Dr. Pampapathi
Dr. Pampapathi
Founder, Pampapathi Vet Clinic

My entire team was amazed by seeing the prototype designed by these guys for our website. Looking forward to the development work.

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Our Previous Work

Most of our clients have hired us for multiple services. Check them out below.

The Research Gate, Florida, USA
Logo Design, Web Design & Development

The Research Gate is a startup that organizes conferences in different parts of the world.

Their idea was to have an online portal where the users can explore different conferences and register themselves through a payment gateway.

As the business was completely new, we were hired for logo design, UI/UX design, web design & web development services.

TRG Logo One
Pampapathi Vet Clinic, Bangalore, India
Web Design and Development

Pampapathi Vet Clinic is a multi-speciality pet hospital located in J.P nagar, Bangalore. It offers all types of surgery & diagnostics services for pets.

The project was a redesign of their existing website (that was quite old). As Dr. Pampapathi, veterinary doctor from Australia, wanted the user friendly web design that follows the latest trends and technology.

We were hired to provide web design & development for this project.

Pampapathi Logo
Fabric Tailor, Bangalore, India
Branding, Web Design & Development

Fabric Tailor is a startup company focused on offering customized uniforms to industries like hospitals, hotels, schools, etc.

They came to us with an idea, where industrialists can easily put up a bulk order request online without much effort. They required an eCommerce platform also to sell some of their readymade products.

We were hired to branding & digital services. This includes logo design, brand collateral design, web design & development.

Fabric Tailor Logo One


This depends on the marketing audit & research process. You business audience might be available only on Facebook or just LinkedIn or Google Ads is the only way your users can find you or all the three. 

So, it’s totally dependent on your business niche.

As instant results are not guaranteed we use KPI’s or key performance indicators as a measurable results. They are:-

  1. Post Reach
  2. Engagement Rate
  3. Community Management
  4. Ad Clicks
  5. Leads
  6. CPC changes

    and so many more.

There  isn’t a fixed answer to this question. In fact, it will vary based on your business goals, season, competition & so many other factors.

We can always give you a forecast of the amount you are going to invest but not a fixed amount.

The time frame might vary from 1 month to 3 months which will be also dependent on the number of services you are looking for & number of product & services is begin focused in the marketing plan.

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We have a team of enthusiastic designers & marketers who are hungry to learn & passionate to solve the problem as a team.

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