Fabric Tailor

Project Brief

Fabric Tailor is a startup company focused on offering customized uniforms to industries like hospitals, hotels, schools, etc.

They came to us with an idea, where industrialists can easily put up a bulk order request online without much effort. They required an eCommerce platform also to sell some of their readymade products.

We were hired to branding & digital services. This includes logo design, brand collateral design, web design & development.

Fabric Tailor Logo One

Project Glimpse

The client 'Fabric Tailor' in an Indian startup is focused on providing custom-tailored clothes for different industries such as hotels, hospitals, schools, corporates, etc.


Fabric Tailor, Bangalore, India


Branding, Web Design & Development


Time of completion for the project was 40 days.


Link to the Website: https://fabrictailor.com

The Project

The Fabric Tailor was an eCommerce website that can allow the user to buy readymade fabrics, place bulk orders & book a tailor online for a home visit.


The requirement was to build a brand identity design including logo, brand collaterals & brand guidelines.

They also needed an eCommerce website where users can place bulk requirement orders, book a tailor & order readymade products.

The complete design was to be done from scratch with a user-friendly backend to manage leads, products & customers. They also needed the website to be dynamic so that they can update the content of the website such us slider banners in the future.



There are so many challenges when you work with a startup, where ideas are the most important building blocks.

The biggest challenged that we faced was segregating the website into three parts:

  1. Booking a tailor
  2. Selling of eCommerce products
  3. Placing bulk orders

Other challenges were to build option pages so that they can update it’s content from the backend easily.


We started with the brand identity system design & offered them several concepts to choose from & after finalization, we completed the brand collaterals & brand guideline design work.

For the website, we opted for WordPress CMS as the website was complicated & not other CMS could hold that kind of a website.

Based on our research & client’s input, we curated the IA, wireframes & prototypes for the website. After the approval, we went to the development stage.

Finally, we trained them on the backend to finish the project.


The Review

Here is the authentic review of our client for the work we did for them.

Pramod Avaghan
Pramod Avaghan
Owner, Fabric Tailor

Their work was worth every penny. The design & development team of Wilson Wings met our expectations quite nicely.

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