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Hiring a marketing agency can be a difficult decision to make as if things go wrong it can not only make you lose money but also the brand reputation. However, a few considerations before hiring a marketing agency can help.

Here are the six most important benefits:-

1. You get a team of experts for low cost

Digital marketing involves Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Content Writing, Graphics Designing, PPC Advertising, Brand Reputation Management, etc.

Hiring an expert in all the above-mentioned digital marketing domains is not possible until & unless you have a marketing budget in millions.

According to PayScale, a team of 5 digital marketers can cost you from 11.73 lacs to 39.56 lacs every year. This team will include:

  • Content Writer
  • Graphics Designer
  • Social Media Manager
  • PPC Manager
  • Digital Marketing Manager

The investment mentioned above is just an overview. You might even end up paying much more than this.

Hiring a digital marketing agency will give you access to digital marketing experts in every domain. Also, the investment will not be even half of this size.

2. Say no to Hiring & Training (Saves time & money)

If you don’t have the domain expertise, this will be a headache for you. 

The Hiring & Training process is time taking, tiring, and requires a decent amount of investment. Moreover, it’s more frustrating when you lose an employee after the completion of the training period. 

Yes, you can have a bond & a staffing agency to do all this for you. The question is that ‘Is it worth?’

No, it isn’t. Wanna know why? Keep Scrolling.

Everything has got a learning curve & so is your business model. A marketer with lesser industry experience might find it challenging to come up with a full proof digital marketing strategy for your business.

However, the situation is opposite while hiring a marketing agency.

Digital Marketing agencies like ours already have an in-house team of experts (Marketers as well as Analysts). These experts have years of industry experience & might also have worked with similar businesses like yours in the past.

You can check out their clients, previous works & case studies to assure that they are the right fit for your business.

Also, these marketing agencies have a process (that comes from years of industry experience) to build a digital marketing strategy for you.

So, we can understand from here that a digital marketing agency can make up a better digital marketing strategy than a newly hired digital marketing team.

3. Adopt the latest digital marketing trends & techniques

Digital Marketing is evolving continuously. Every day something new is out there on the web. 

It can either be an external change made by the search engines & social media channels. These changes can be:

  • Linkedin’s new option of inviting your connections to like your company page
  • Addition of lead campaign type to Google Ads
  • Facebook Ad policies update for Messenger Ads
  • New algorithm update from Google that affects E-A-T

Or it can be an internal change. The change that you have to make in your marketing strategy to convert more & get better ROI in your marketing investments. These changes can be:

  • Videos will still keep dominating (Creating more video content)
  • Engaging with customers while making a purchase might impact the purchase decision (Integrating live chatbot)
  • Voice search will increase with Alexa & Siri starting to dominate (Optimizing the content for voice search)
  • Reach on Instagram will decrease but it will increase on Linkedin

Another benefit of hiring a marketing agency is that they are up to date with the latest digital marketing trends & techniques.

Well, I can’t say much about the in-house team on this as it depends on the company culture.

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Excellent service

Wilson Wings knows what they are doing and provide a smooth plan with their customer requirements.

They are very helpful people and gave me their best possible branding solutions I was seeking.

I would recommend it to anyone who wants hassle-free and quality work.

Go, guys!

Narsi Grewal
Narsi Grewal
Co Founder, Grewal
New Delhi, India
Finally a team that provides value.

I tried with several agencies before hiring Wilson Wings. All the agencies failed me & I felt the same this time. However, Sayeed convinced me to give it one more try.

I must say, I was amazed by the design I saw for my new website. It was so neat, so clean that I had no words. Today, my new website is live & I am getting appreciations from everywhere.

Thank You Sayeed & Team.

Fastway Worldwide Express Logo Icon
Farhan Hyder
Manager, Fastway Express
Bengaluru, India
Delivered value and demonstrated great talent for UI/UX design.

Sayeed and his team helped us in designing our website for Desi Pajamas, right from scratch. They have been exceptional right from understanding the brand’s identity and building a prototype to final execution of the project as per requirements.

We would definitely recommend WW to anyone looking for website development or UI/UX design services. We also look forward to working with you again in the future.

Rashad Ikkery
Co founder, Desi Pajamas
Bengaluru, India
Really Appreciate their Work.

We were struggling to generate sales on our website. We were running continuous ads but it was just like throwing the money away. We came to know about WilsonWings from Instagram.

We had a conversation with Sayeed regarding the problems we were facing and I must say he & his team did a great job.

Not just with website redesign but also he counseling on how we can dominate on Instagram & build a great audience.

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Jenny Adamou
Founder, SnooperBear LLC
California, USA

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